Clean Energy

Clean, homegrown power is our future. It creates jobs, spurs investment and innovation, benefits the environment, and is vital for energy independence. Affordable and environmentally responsible, clean energy helps diversify our power supply and is key to meeting rising energy demand.

The clean energy industry is a dynamic, emerging sector. Invenergy is a highly-experienced leader in innovative clean energy solutions.

Invenergy is focused on the development, ownership, operation, and management of large-scale electricity generation assets. Our portfolio includes more than 9,000 MW of solar, wind, and natural gas-fueled power generation and energy storage projects under contract, in construction, and in operation in the United States, Canada, and Europe:

  • Wind: The largest independent wind power generation company in North America, Invenergy develops, owns, and operates utility-scale projects. The wind is a limitless, emissions-free, cost-effective source of electricity that is fostering job growth and technological innovation.
  • Solar:  We're focused on the development and long-term ownership and operation of solar photovoltaic projects. The sun is free, limitless, and produces no atmospheric or greenhouse emissions. Solar power generation provides a long-term, competitive energy solution.
  • Thermal:  Our portfolio of natural gas-fueled electric generating projects are designed to provide economic and reliable power. The United States alone has more than a 100-year supply of reliable, affordable natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available for power generation.
  • Cogeneration: Invenergy's senior team has more than 30 years of experience in the development, permitting, financing, construction and operation of combined heat and power generation facilities.
  • Storage: With more than 65 MW of energy storage projects in operation and construction, Invenergy is an industry leader in this quickly-evolving sector.  Invenergy is at the cutting edge of innovative storage technology,

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